How Could We Overcome the Feeling of Insecurity? Explorations in the Spectrum of Polyscopic Consciousness


  • Anton Carpinschi Professor Emeritus, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, Romania



polyscopic consciousness, hypostases of logicity, therapeutic self-reflexivity, dialogical-comprehensive thinking, dialogical-creative thinking, transdisciplinary model of thinking


         In search of a way to overcome the feeling of insecurity, this essay proposes a reflexive-therapeutic scenario inspired by the existence of subtle links between the knowledge of sensitive realities and the contemplation of intuitive transcendences. According to this scenario, the ordering Logos of the universe is configured in the horizon of human consciousness as personalized logicity multiplied in a series of hypostases. The idea of ​​the hypostases of logicity configured in the horizon of the human consciousness led to the elaboration of the spectral model of the polyscopic consciousness. This mental tool helps us to understand how the hypostases of logicity foreshadow the experiential states of consciousness and also how the experiential states of consciousness assimilate the hypostases of logicity. Endowed with reflexive-therapeutic and educational valences, the polyscopic consciousness offers us, through the cooperation of its experiential states and the extension of the cultural horizon, the chance to overcome the fear and the complexes generated by the feeling of insecurity.