Conflict of Interest

Authors, reviewers and editors have to report possible conflicts of interest. Authors should declare anything that may have influenced your research or could influence the review process or the publication of your article. In case of doubt, check with the editor prior of submission.

Possible conflicts of interest include:

  • A prior relationship between author and editor.
  • A financial or personal interest in the outcomes of the research.
  • Undisclosed financial support for the research by an interested third party.
  • A financial or personal interest in the suppression of the research.

When submitting their work, authors should include a note providing the background to any financial support for the research from third parties and highlight any other possible conflict of interest.

The Journal follows the COPE guidelines. If there is a conflict of interest, the editor or reviewer will no longer be involved with the manuscript.

Editors and Board members can legitimately publish a peer-reviewed article in the journal. Their manuscript will undergo peer review as thorough as all other manuscripts. The member of the editorial board overseeing the peer review will do his or her best to ensure that any bias in the assessment of the manuscript is minimized.