The Economy of Communion as Praxeological Model for Ecomeny?


  • Ciprian Bradu Greek – Catholic High-School, Bucharest, Romania
  • Silviu Petre “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy, Bucharest, Romania



Karl Polanyi, double movement, market, Focolare Movement, Ecomeny, donamic platform


Continuing on a previous path, the authors expand the concept of Ecomeny, developed in a seminal article (Bradu & Petre, 2016). The motivation underpinning such endeavour aims to craft an economic concept suited for the challenges of the XXI century. Thus, the two authors strive to analyse what is called the Economy of Communion model and whether this may have praxeological application.
Not without prior similar endeavours, the Economy of Communion exists for about 25 years and has succeeded in improving the condition for millions around the world. Those involved in its development clustered their efforts in three directions: combating poverty, education support and entrepreneurial investments.
Those reflections can also be approached through Karl Polanyi’s writings, therefore celebrating 100 years from his birth.
We believe that such economic model may represent a <third way>” between individualistic capitalism and collectivism communism” as his eminence Reinhardt Cardinal Marx put it (Marx, 2013). Furthermore, the present article argues the Ecomeny, as the authors see it, has the potential to enter into a fruitful dialogue with other research programs and contribute to a more equitable capitalism.