Managing the Migration of the Doctors in a Multicultural Context


  • Elena Toader "Gr.T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iași, Romania



medical migration, multiculturalism, globalization, ethical issues


In the cultural intersection of globalization, the adjustment to the new social and cultural context and the embracing of pluralism are actions which converge towards the essence of the ethical principles of autonomy and equity, and the considerations of justice on human rights. The ethical issue regard the manner in which the migrating doctor could maintain his or her own values but also develop authentic respect for a multitude of values, traditions and experiences produced by various professional and social circumstances. Primarily, we will extract the main ethical issues that the interconnection between globalization, migration of doctors and the multicultural context involves in the medical field. We will show how these matters are reflected or not in the specific national context. In order to achieve a realist image of the local situation, we will analyze the information obtained through participatory observations and comprehensive interviews applied at two job fairs for doctors for the representatives of the recruitment firms, doctors who attended the fair and doctors who exerted or are exerting their profession abroad. All the aspects regarding the empirical investigation will be correlated with the debates in the literature and the legal framework. In conclusion we will highlight the situations deemed as representative for the manner in which the migrating doctors adjusts and integrates professionally in the cultural diversity.