A Century Old Dream That May Turn Into a Nightmare


  • Mircea Gelu Buta Faculty of Orthodox Theology UBB Cluj-Napoca, Romania




homo sapiens, homo extensis, bioethics


A history concerning the augmentation of homo sapiens, of his transformation into homo extensis begins în ancient times and continues, at a much faster pace up to the postmodern secular present day. To a certain point this is a natural desire, an outcome of human nature, a wish of human consciousness to regain the original balance and perfection. Up to now, having manifested istself mereley as technological progress, augmentation not only failed to resolve the initial problem, but has on the contrary lead homo sapiens further away from the intended target. Together with the technological development and the almost unlimited possibilities it offers to mankind, the problems connected with the spiritual nature of man have multiplied, producing ciritical developments on the background of the widening gap between an ever faster technological advance and a spiritual stagnation that sometimes turns into regress.
The 21-st century has already known the unfortunate return to spectacular comebacks of radical attitudes and rituals that we were commonly called medieval but that are nothing else but the desperate expression of the above mentioned lack of balance. The activation of extremist elements, as a result of the Islamic invasion of Europe could be considered a recent example.
It has become obvious to anyone who has shown some interest in these troubles that any gain in speed may as well mean progress, while any excess of speed usually leads to a tragic end.