How Perceive the Students on Political Sciences the Academic Performance and Integrity? Exploratory Case Study


  • Silviu-Petru Grecu “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iaşi, Romania



social perception, academic integrity, human rights, institutional transparency, academic staff, academic performance


The aim of this paper is to emphasize the social perception of the academic integrity. Beyond the theoretical framework this research aims: 1. to identify the main factors which are related to academic integrity starting from the student’s perception; 2. to estimate the magnitude of the association between academic trust and student’s motivation for choosing the BA programme; 3. to explore the nexus between initial perception of the academic performance, academic integrity and the current satisfaction related to academic activities. The research design is quantitative being based on a questionnaire applied to 55 participants, students in political sciences. The main findings of the paper reflect that academic integrity is perceived in terms of respect for human rights (r =0.463, p=0.003) and institutional transparency (r = 0.489, p = 0.002). Moreover we can stress the fact that there is a linear statistical relation between the satisfaction regarding the activity of the instructors and the satisfaction regarding the specialisation or the programme of study (r = 0.820, p < 0.001). Respect for human rights and human dignity, institutional transparency, academic trust, personal motivation for developing professional skills and knowledge and the quality of the academic staff are the main issues perceived by the students in political sciences as being predictors for academic integrity.