Some Problems of Applied Ethics from a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective


  • Aurelian Virgil Baluta Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania



good governance in economics, ethics of public management, ethics of social relations in rural areas, ethics of business management, ethics of responsibility in foreign policy.


The article includes an analysis based on ethical norms of some problems in different research fields: good governance in the economy, the dynamics of problems in the Romanian countryside, company management, government responsibility in foreign policy.

   The ethics of good governance is exemplified based on a paradox of Romania: although the country is rich in natural resources and has hardworking people, the level of development is low and the citizens are poor. The ethics of social relations in the rural environment is presented by explaining some important turning points. Ethics in the management of companies is supported by the valorization of experiences regarding the creation of well-being for employees. For the ethics of responsibility in foreign policy, the case of Romania's political isolation in 1940 is brought to attention despite important professional efforts made by an exceptional generation of diplomats and political leaders.

Reasoning specific to ethics is used in issues of major interest to human knowledge. The ability of ethics to validate developments in scientific knowledge or to be an axiological benchmark in various issues of great interest is thus proven. The article is based on recent approaches from political economy, sociology of rural communities, company management, public international law, from an integrative philosophical perspective and in correlation with permanence of the movements of ideas in the respective fields.