Ethics principles of social development formulated by Alessandra Moretti


  • Stefano Amodio TESEO, Italy
  • Aurelian Virgil Baluta Spiru Haret University, Romania



The article puts into scientific circulation the ideas contained in a document initially available only on media. The ideas put into circulation are part of the speech of an Italian MEP, Mrs. Alessandra Moretti. Within the article, a critical form of the ideas of the discourse is presented, with references to the economic and social context in which they are presented, to elements of doctrine and social practice applicable to the themes in its content. The speech includes the general theme of social development under the conditions of respecting some fundamental principles of ethics. The education is a key element of social development. Through education the power in society is dissipated. Holders of an adequate education have power in society. A concept of social development is cohesion. Social development means equal opportunities between men and woman, regional and social origin. Social development means also to reduce discriminations in the field of employment, entrepreneurship, earned income, education. The combination of factors such as employment or unemployment are correlated with the perspective of gender and social origin on the basis of a multicriteria analysis.