Ethics and development.peculiarities in the case of postal services in Romania


  • Aurelian Virgil Baluta „Spiru Haret” University, Bucharest, Romania
  • Caius Lazarescu „Vasile Goldiș” University, Arad, Romania
  • Rada Alexandru Cristian Romanian National Post Company, Bucharest, Romania



In this paper we analyse the correlation between ethics and development with a case study on post services. The paper has the following chapters: the current state of reasearch in the fied, the ethics of postal as part of general norms of ethics, ethics and effectivness, postal service ethics-part of general business ethics, business ethics in the successive stages of development, brief history of postal service in their connection with ethical norms, the importance of ethical normes- depending on the usefulness of the goods, objective factors of the provision of postal services in the 21st century, parameters of the ethics of postal services, the morality of the staff involved in the provision of postal services, ethics in the employee-company relationship, ethics of company-state relations, ethical correlation with other parameters of social development, a brief cost-benefit analysis of the application of ethical norms.