The Employees’ Perceptions, Practices and Experiences Regarding the Strategic Process Carried Out In the Public Hospitals


  • Ana Niculita Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Republic of Moldova



strategic process, strategy, public hospitals


The conduct of the institutional strategic process is the responsibility of institutional management. However, the involvement of employees in this process is considered to be very important to increase the level of motivation and commitment to the institutional vision, mission, values, the achievement of strategic objectives and planned changes. It also reduces the resistance of employees to these changes.

The purpose of the study is to assess employees' perceptions, practices and experiences of the strategic process carried out in public hospital institutions. In the study participated employees of public hospitals with higher medical education, but also with higher education of other specialties (accountants, economists, lawyers, procurement specialists, etc.), who also have an important role in the strategic process, for the realization of its provisions in accordance with the positions of the organization. For this purpose, a survey was developed in the interest of the study, containing 39 questions, structured in six chapters. The information presented in the study is structured into five fields: employee involvement in the institutional strategic process; institutional vision, mission and values; involvement in objectives setting; strategy implementation; strategy monitoring.