The Utility of Respecting the Ethical Code in Student-Teacher University Relations


  • Elena Gologan "Gr.T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iași, Romania
  • Oana Timofte "Gr.T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iași, Romania



ethical code, integrity, professional responsibility


An ethical code for students is necessary to define separation of what is right and wrong, being essential in functioning of didactic and medical activity. The opening to the subject taught to students will reflect in their formation, increased relational credibility and maximization of each one’s potential.
The ethical code was elaborated with the purpose to complete law in a subtle way that involves responsibility and produces trust and proud of being part of an academic structure.
Professional activity should be performed according to certain values and principles. This way, the teacher will be impartial and objective in relation to students, a model of moral and professional integrity and his activity ensures him independence and professional freedom, recognizing that by this position he has a huge moral, social and professional responsibility, has an activity for the public interest, keeping confidential the professional details.
The role of a teacher is to respect general laws and the specific legislation for his field of activity, promoting the interest of the main beneficiary of his activity, the student, whose personal autonomy is respected and whom he pays respect and tolerance.